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I said they were all I did.
30 days of night - Celebration
Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

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Just to piss you off.

For a real answer? Uhhhh- Snake.

A) Toru/Kai. Both are scared little weiner babies, and they're gay, and they're on the P-team.
B) Toru/Reizo, just to get your hopes up.
C) Toru/Kaz. DRAMA BOMB.
D) Uhhh. Fuck if I know. Toru's kind of a selfish dickhole who blames the rest of the world for his problems?
E) Toru/Misaki. She's just too pink.

A) Snake/Paramedic. Dat Banter.
B) Snake/EVA. So corny together.
C) Snake/The Boss. What the fuck?
D) Don't keep up with the fandom well enough to know.
E) Snake/Ocelot. I don't need to explain this, do I?

A) Eglamore/Jones. That's predictable, but I think they play off each other well, even if Jones is just :|ing all the time.
B) James/Ysengrin. SUPER BATTLE.
C) Him with Antimony or Kat is really fucking creepy. Way too old for them, and he's a guardian (well as much as they actually need one), not a love interest.
D) I don't even know any popular opinions of him. I just read the comic, not too up to date on any fandom that exists for it.
E) Dragons. Because he kills them.

A) Ichigo/Orihime, I guess. I can't figure out if I like Orihime with Ichigo or Uryuu most, but I usually default to Ichigo. In the beginning of the manga they were sort of adorable.
B) Ichigo/his dad. NOT INCEST.
C) Ichigo/Grimmjow or Renji. They're rivals, not buttsex buddies.
D) Ichigo was a good protagonist in the beginning of Bleach, but now he's been overshadowed by nearly every other cast member. Whenever it's Ichigo's turn these days, I find myself not wanting to bother reading the chapter.
E) Rukia. Rukia is a friend, and even if she did sleep in his room for all that time and there were plenty of chances for ~shenanigans~, I think they act way more like siblings than lovers.

For D. Kou.

For uh... Warcraft... Kel'Thuzad. AH HA.

A) Kou/Kou-wife. Because no one else can stand the bastard.
B) Kou/faggy poetry. He writes it.
C) Kou/Reizo. Fuuuuuun rivarly, though.
D) I don't know this one.
E) Kou/Kozue. Kozue was too different, and by the end of Kou was just itching to break it off with her. Reizo just gave him the excuse he needed.

A) Kel/Mr Bigglesworth. He lovesssss him. I like to imagine Kel fawning over the cat and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks. Killing Mr. Bigglesworth should have enraged him and made him unkillable, IMO.
B) Kel/Necromancy. It gave him the eternal life he seeks.
C) Kel/Arthas. That's creepy, man.
D) No idea.
E) Once again, no idea. He never fell in love with the lich king because he know the bastard was crazy?

Gin, well no I can probably predict your answers on that uhhh...


A) Oh come on, not Gin but Alucard? Alucard/Integra, all the way. My first and original OTP.
B) Uhh. Alucard/Rip? I have no justification, only that they look good together.
C) Alucard/Walter. They're battle comrades with a healthy respect for one another, and nothing more. They're not secretly porking, not even when Alucard was doing that freaky turn into a little girl thing.
D) A lot of fics I've read seem to turn him into a dashing count or something. He's not. He's a monster, and he knows it, and he regrets it sometimes, but he doesn't hide from it (but does seek death to escape it.)
E) Seras. He's her mentor, and I don't think he'd ever initiate anything for her because of it.

A) Katara/Aang. It's canon. I think they grew up together. I don't think they should have really kiss kiss fall in loved at the end, because they're still sort of immature brats, but they definitely would have later on if not then.
B) I don't have one. Maybe Toph, in that sisterly sort of way?
C) This is actually hard to decide. Zutara is huge and horrible, but Jet was also very bad, but I'll do with Zutara.
D) What the fuck is this bullshit. Let her fight her battles alone. She shouldn't of had to support Zuko in the Azula fight, she should have gotten her own epic battle. Fuck.
E) Jet. She saw him for what he was in the end, and her crush on the dreamy bad boy rebel leader died there and then.


Tell me your thoughts on Kozue.

A) Kozue/Kiriko. Sismance. I think they're adorable together, and imagining them giggling over something funny they found on the internet, or both going "gross" or even shooting obnoxious facebook photos of them almost kissing is hilarious.
B) I'm not really sure. Maybe someone who could challenge her more. Kou was smothering her when he wasn't being a very odd boyfriend.
C) Kozue/Renju. Didn't know about this until I saw Alice mention it in her journal, but I don't like it. They're midgets together, yay, but what do they have really in common? Renju never struck me as the type to find Kozue alluring, either.
D) her butt ain't that great man geeze
E) Kozue/Keiichi. I think they'd had their run, and maybe they'd have some short flings later on in life, but they'll both come to realize they're incompatible.

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